5 benefits of booking in advance

Booking accommodation is always the key moment, the decision that will lead you to discover a new corner of the world or to revisit a place you once loved. Booking well in advance is always beneficial, both for the guests and for the hosts. Here is a list of some of them:

  1. Secure pitches. Booking at short notice or in the same week often means - especially in high season - that there are not enough places to cover the total number of people in the group or that the entire campsite is already rented out. If you book in advance, you are guaranteed the pitch you want.
  2. Better complements. Related to the previous point. Booking well in advance will also allow the complements and conditions of the accommodation to be available. If you book at the last minute, it may be that the utensil or appliance you are asking for has already been booked by someone else!
  3. Discounts? Many accommodations offer special discounts if booked well in advance - those who keep an eye out for promotions will benefit!
  4. Payment in advance. An advantage of booking in advance is that payment can be made at the time of booking and does not have to be made in full during the stay.
  5. Study the environment. Being able to book in advance means knowing where you are going on holiday; and knowing well in advance means that you can study and plan more carefully what activities, outings, excursions and visits you can do during your stay. Studying the environment is important, but it is even more important to have studied it at home beforehand!

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